Environmental impact assessment

The Dunedoo Solar Farm is a State Significant Development which requires approval from the NSW Minister for Planning and Environment under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

A request for Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment in late October 2017. The assessment requirements will be issued in November 2017 and will guide the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposal.

A Preliminary Environmental Assessment was completed by consultants NGH Environmental during 2017 which identified potential environmental issues associated with the proposed solar farm. Based on preliminary investigations, the following environmental elements will be assessed in detail for the Dunedoo Solar Farm:

  • Biodiversity.
  • Aboriginal heritage.
  • Flooding and hydrology.
  • Visual amenity and landscape character.
  • Noise.
  • Land use and resources.

The final design of the proposal would aim to avoid or minimize impacts to environmental sensitivities.

These issues will be assessed in detail and, reported in an Environmental Impact Statement, which will be lodged with the Development Application for the Dunedoo Solar Farm.

Assessment timeline

  • Detailed environmental assessment: October 2017 – September 2018
  • 1st Community Open Day: December 2017 (completed)
  • 2nd Community Open Day: March 2018 (completed)
  • Submit full Development Application: October 2018 (expected)
  • Receive Development Approval: Early 2019 (approximate, if approved)
  • Commence construction of solar farm: late 2019 (if approved)

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